Well Spoken

Diambil dari footer salah satu buku agenda harian yang pernah aku baca.

  • To be wrong is nothing, unless you continue to remember it.
  • Tick to your point of view, in order to keep up your own dignity.
  • Success it to get whatever you want, happiness is to love whatever you got.
  • Time lost cannot found again.
  • God always answer our prayers, but sometimes the answer is no.
  • Our wisdom comes from our experience and our experience comes from our foolishness.
  • Don’t have the pleasure in the misfortune of other.
  • People can be stronger by eating and wiser by reading.
  • Tokes 20 years to build a good reputation bu needs 2 seconds to ruin it.
  • It’s better to have a plan yet undone, rather than having none at all.
  • Love is the most sacred of all spiritual bonds.
  • One enemy is too many, a hundred friends is too few.
  • Think as one who can act, act as one who can think.
  • A good reputation is one’s greatest asset.
  • Bird need nests, spiders need webs, people need friendships.
  • Anyone can do anything if he believes and yearns for it.
  • Habit makes everything easy.
  • If you can not be a clever person, be a kind person.
  • In trends follow the crowd, in principles stand firm as a rock.
  • The language wounds more than a lance.
  • We all love a good loser if it isn’t us.
  • Women are like firearms, they are dangerous only inexperienced hands.
  • The fear of lord is the beginning of wisdom.
  • It is easy to criticize, but difficult to create.
  • In doing what we ought to do we deserver no praise, because it is our duty.
  • Don’t hold back goodness from those to whom it is owing.
  • Experince people cannot be easily deceived.
  • He that can control himself while achieving victory will gain a double victory.
  • Mock them who laugh first ad they will cry at last.



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